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About Cogniscan

CogniScan: A Multichannel Recording and Data Analysis System for Cognitive Electrophysiology Experiments

CogniScan provides Data Acquisition and Data Reduction functions for use in a variety of EEG/ERP studies. The system supports up to 128 channels utilizing standard, PC based data acquisition interfaces. Data acquired is streamed to specially formatted disk files. Software tools permit evaluation of contact impedance to subject's head. A serial interface is supported to coordinate the actions of computers used in the experiments. A marker channel is provided to accurately record stimulus event timing. The data reduction tools help researchers with artifact rejection, epoch windowing, and averaging.

The system was orignially developed for Princeton University’s Imaging Electrophysiology Laboratory. Created in LabView, the program is flexible and may be modified for custom applications. Various universities and institutions are using CogniScan with National Instruments data acquisition boards, Sensorium amplifiers, and Source Signal Imaging's EMSE source locaization software. Stimulus presentation software such as PST's E-Prime and Neurobehavioral System's Presentation have been sucessfully interfaced with CogniScan.

Data Reduction System
  • Review / Display acquired data
  • Definition of marker conditions and epoch windows
  • Artifact rejection with configurable range checking
  • Data baselining function
  • Epoch selection / rejection rules
  • Epoch averaging
  • Manual deletion functions
  • Flexible file save operation
  • Data Acquisition System
  • 16 - 128 Input Channels
  • Sampling rates to 5,000 samples / second
  • Setup configurations saved as experiment protocols
  • Event marker channel provides accurate Stim/Acquisition timing
  • Configurable display screen of up to 32 channel traces
  • Graphical impedance display simplifies setup
  • Power spectrum mode for noise evaluation
  • Slave mode via RS-232 or Digital inputs
  • Output file flexibility
  • Use with E-Prime stimulus presentation software
  • Compatible with EMSE Suite functional imaging software

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