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CogniScan DAC

The CogniScan model 14000 Digital to Analog converter is a high quality 8 bit DAC specifically developed to be used with the CogniScan EEG Data Acquisition System. The device is designed to interface to a stimulus presentation computer for data marking purposes during EEG/ERP experiments. The precision device is controlled via a standard parallel printer port.
  • Compatible with many Stimulus Presentation Software packages.
  • Single port output instruction sets output level.
  • 8 bit resolution
  • Fast settling time
  • Uses standard parallel printer port while allowing a printer to share the same port
  • Current limiting output with short circuit protection
  • Configurable analog output voltage ranges such as: -10 to 10 V, -5 to 5 V, 0 to 5V (Standard), 0 to 10V

    Input Power (IEC 320 connector & line cord)
    Line voltage:115 VAC, 60Hz
    Power consumption:10 watts typical
    I/O interface
    Parallel printer port input:DB25M connector
    Parallel printer port feedthru:DB25F connector
    Analog out - (BNC connector)
    Resolution:8 bits
    Full scale error:+/- 1 LSB
    Nonlinearly:+/- .1%
    Voltage range:0 5 VDC (Standard configuration)
    Current:0 20 ma, short circuit protected

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