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1 August 2002
EJC Systems unveils its new website, The site will continually be developed, providing information about CogniScan software as well as support and downloads for registered users.

10 July 2002 - CogniScan Version 2.2 Released
Development work continues on the CogniScan Data Acquisition and Data Reduction programs. The latest release (ver 2.2) incorporates several new features and enhancements.

Data Acquisition:
Configurable Impedance Test Map - Through the introduction of .CAP files, CogniScan now permits custom electrode montages with user-specified quantity and titles.
Event Channel Graph - Variable amplitude controls have been added.
Triggered Acquisition - Added an automatic re-arm option to the triggered data acquisition modes.

Data Reduction:
Expanded Trial Selection options - External data included in .TRL files may be utilized in selection processing.

User manual updates are still in progress. Once completed, all current customers will be sent a CD of the new version of CogniScan and the updated manual.

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Last updated on August 26th, 2002